Keep New Mexico Court of Appeals Judge J. Miles Hanisee

Judge Hanisee was recommended by the bipartisan Judicial Nominating Committee and appointed by Governor Susana Martinez to the New Mexico Court of Appeals. According to a 1989 amendment to the Constitution of the State of New Mexico, the governor’s appointment can only keep a judge until the next Court of Appeals election. Judge Hanisee seeks to keep his position and continue serving the people of New Mexico by winning the judicial election on Tuesday, November 4, 2014.

Why Keep Judge Hanisee?

Judge Hanisee is an ethical judge, committed to upholding all state and federal laws. He is steadfast in protecting each citizen’s inherent rights guaranteed by The United States and New Mexico constitutions and applicable laws. He is an incumbent judge, already experienced in the judicial decision-making process. Learn more about Judge Hanisee’s balanced legal practice, judicial experience, unique perspective and constitutional view. Find out why he’s the best candidate for the New Mexico Court of Appeals!

Experience. Integrity. Keep Judge Hanisee.
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