November 4, 2014 State Judicial Elections

Judges hoping to serve on the New Mexico Court of Appeals or Supreme Court must win the position through statewide judicial elections.

The Judicial Elections Process

There are two ways a person can first become a New Mexico Court of Appeals judge:

  1. Be appointed as Court of Appeals judge by the governor to fill a vacancy or
  2. Win a statewide judicial election  for Court of Appeals judge

signing photo at oath of office

The governor’s appointment only fills the vacancy until the next general election. The appointed judge can either be elected to a full 8-year term or be replaced by another candidate elected as judge.

Judges elected to the New Mexico Court of Appeals can be kept for another term of office through retention elections. In these statewide judicial elections, citizens vote “Retain” or “Do not retain,” but they do not choose between two candidates. Judges are retained if they win 57% of the popular vote.

To help voters make their decisions, Court of Appeals judges are evaluated by the Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission (JPEC). The JPEC publishes a Report to Voters more than a month before the retention election.

This Year’s Judicial Elections

In 2014, there is only one new appellate judgeship to be filled by voters. Judge J. Miles Hanisee currently holds the position. He was appointed by Governor Susana Martinez to the Court of Appeals again in December 2012. Judge Hanisee is going through the judicial elections process in hopes of continuing his service to the citizens of New Mexico by winning the election on Tuesday, November 4, 2014.

Campaigning is an inevitable part of the judicial elections process. Judge Hanisee is committed to running a clean and publicly funded campaign.  Judge Hanisee is a “certified candidate” for the receipt of public funds pursuant to the Public Election Fund established by the Voter Action Act in 2003. Public funds aren’t handouts—there’s work involved to qualify. Thanks for helping Judge Hanisee qualify.

The Right Choice

Judge Hanisee is the right choice for the New Mexico Court of Appeals. He’s an ethical judge with extensive criminal prosecution and defense experience. He’s already been selected through the rigorous judicial appointment process. Vote to Keep Judge Hanisee!

Experience. Integrity. Keep Judge Hanisee.
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